Swim, Swam, Swum

If you were a seal with a wild imagination, what kind of crazy adventures would you find yourself in? Join our slick seal in his madcap exploits, causing trouble here and there.

The Moon Smiles Down

In a goodnight story told in gentle rhyme, the moon watches over all creatures big and small as they prepare for sleep.

Nimble Dr. Ned VS. The Spoon

How does a stuffy doctor get tricked by a silver spoon into helping a bumbling octopus? Watch as Dr. Ned gets foiled at every turn by a clever little spoon and learns a lesson in humility along the way.

Don't Let The Dead Bugs Bite

Find out how a town reacts when bugs come back from the dead for a night of mischievous fun!

Cinnamon’s Busy Year

Cinnamon and her friends, Tootie and Pip, enjoy the many holidays and celebrations that make each month special beginning with New Year’s Eve.

My Very Own Lighthouse

A little girl, with the help of her favorite toys, builds her very own lighthouse to help her daddy, a fisherman, make it safely home from sea.

The Flight Of The Sunflower

When a gentle breeze dislodges a tiny seedling from it's sunflower mother, it sends the seedling spinning through the air on a journey of discovery.

My Brother And I

A younger brother has his doubts, but discovers his older brother really does love him after they are united against a bully.